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Welcome to Ædifico Cumbria

(Ædifico: Eye–diffy–co. Latin: I improve, build up. Derivative “edifice”).

Design with purpose, building homes and services with citizens from scratch. Thank you for visiting. Let's make places special together

What makes a place a good place to live? Arguably, it's comfort. Not just a home that's secure and protects us from the elements, but the feeling that we can afford to put a little by for life's extra expenses, that we can live our way and that we can feel that we're as good as anybody. Should these be ambitions or rights? Is it really so hard to realise homes, care and enrichment for the people we share our lives with?

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Hello there, I'm Valerie Holden, here to be your dedicated "project wrangler". Since 1994 I've worked or volunteered on many aspects of community building. My aim is to deliver projects that go to the heart of people's needs and ambitions, bringing together dedicated teams that use your favourite practitioners alongside mine, sharing best practice and giving support as the wider community strengthens its skills.

Housing need is a matter of urgency, so right now I'm concentrating, with my associates, on homes that are truly affordable.

We specialise in fair-priced homes by using sound business principles to develop minus the developer profit. While collaborating with groups to design living spaces, we look to future; our changing needs and the challenges to our environment.

I believe that in any group of people there is wealth. The wealth that is the earning power or the contribution individuals can bring to a group. The housing situation can seem hopeless for many, but with the right information and support, suddenly a group of citizens can compete in the housing market and find homes for themselves, reducing stress, easing financial worries, offering opportunities. Research has shown that people who are living in homes they can afford and which offer comfort security and facilities to live fulfilled lives, live longer and enjoy better physical and mental health.

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